A Growing Vision.


I should've, couldv'e been blogging like a maniac, working on art like crazy and be ready for spring. It has been a very interesting few months interms of weather on the southern east coast area. Its been cold, warm for A DAY and then cold again. The sun is shining and we are not fully in T-shirts yet. I haven't been as motivated as I was like the begining of the year. BAM! This occured. I was called upon by three awesome ladies Amanda Page Stephens, Jenn Stringer, and Hannah Serrano. For the project Better Block. I heard their voices. Filled with love, and enthusiam on what I can contibute to this. That's all it takes really. I had two afternoons to get this done. I wished I had more time. But don't we all wish we had more time. So I pulled out super new york, chinese/hungarian, butterpop skills and just got this together. Spray paint, some house paints, and a thumbnail sketch. Concept is a girl envisioning a growing city, with a star on her head in reference to the texaco bldg. The graphics along the side are my personal signature of underwater organisms. Attaching and detaching into clusters of melting something.Three panels put together making a 12ft, by 8ft art. The guy at Lowes thought I was insane to do this in two days. I said it was so nice to be able to paint outside in this great weather barefoot on a weekday!!

Here are some photos from the event, I also have prints online for sale if you are interested in the art work that I also brought out to see the public finally. It was a great event. Cheers to more!