"If there is a person that I can leave loose with her thoughts and creative mind, this person is Victoria. I was never disappointed with the outcome of a project given to her to develop. There are a number of ways to interpret what's given to you to work with.  Victoria always find the best design solution for her clients, in a very stylish way. She's easy going, can take critics and does whatever needs to be done to accomodate the client's wishes without compromising quality and style."

-Flavia Fiorello, @Mamae Sabe Tudo


That she is unusually reliable, professional, efficient and can adapt her beautiful visual language to illustrate the abstract, depict the concrete, personify a character or convey a story can only be documented by the experience of working with her. I had the pleasure of doing so for many years and my endorsement could not be more wholehearted.

-- Joanna Ferrone, Fido Dido Inc. Honest Entertainment


"Victoria has hit the mark from the brief given to her and designed something that expressed the feeling we want to communicate which is ever more important than doing fancy design work" 

-Jo Fok, Creative Director @ Marshmallow Media


"Victoria has updated my new site . I love the new design and she got the colors, ideas and concept behind what I do in harmony. She leads me, and as a person without the background in web technology skills, I can now update the site with ease. Her brief coaching with squarespace, got me through the steps I need to take with great patience."

-Peggy Cross, Feng-Shui Consultant and Interior Designer @ Transforming by Design


“Victoria does a tremendous job of bringing emotion to the website she creates. She is a pleasure to work with every step of the way and understands the importance of producing results for her clients. I recommend anyone interested in establishing a web brand talk with Victoria for honest advice and exceptional work.”  

-Jarod Goenner, Online Account Executive Interactive Media, The Virginian-Pilot


“Victoria is a creative spirit. Professional and invested from the heart, Victoria's advertisement created for Tidewater Home Staging met our needs and looks great in print! I highly recommend Victoria as someone who will get to know you personally to make sure that your personal message for your business is conveyed in the professional presence she creates.”

-Julie Wuerth Staging Specialist


“Victoria is an extremely creative and excellent art designer -her work is refreshing and visually exciting and she executes the brief.perfectly and within the time frame required ... i would highly recommend Victoria for any project where creative in put and execution is a 'must' - please contact me if further information is required .”  

-paul MOGG, Art Director


“Victoria's passion and creativity in art and design is endless. She has an unique ability to maneuver between art and commerce, and translates each project into beautiful, memorable design no matter it's a website, brochure, illustration or mural. Victoria continues to flourish professionally and expand her creative energy since our days at Parsons. Victoria is a true talent with a lovely personality that anyone will definitely enjoy working with.”  

-Jacqueline Yue, Parsons, Alumni


“Victoria views the world in her unique, off-beat ways, which her hands then translate into drawings, sketches, paintings and designs. Her raw talent and restlessness made her a force to contend with at Parsons. Victoria's laughter, energy as well as her love for life and passion for new ideas is inspiring and has not wavered since our student days. Anyone working alongside Victoria will enjoy her company and be impressed by her creativity.”

-Danielle Huthart Parsons, Alumni