I'm not exactly a street artist and mural artist is a big title to take on right now, though I love working in public spaces for a cause, business or collaborations.  It's all very time conscious from experience, due to tight schedules of construction periods, weather permits etc. Black and white characters are truly a joy for me to create in large format very quickly. Sometimes it's a combination of markers, house paint, or whatever I find available. My style is very graphic, bold and masculine. Which I hope balances out all the feminine subject matter that repeats in the work. When I work big, I feel like I'm releasing something bigger then I can understand, and it always gives me a lot of creative energy afterwards.. (More about this Better Block project here on the blog)

Lululemon Atheletica Show Room, Virginia Beach

This was a collaborate project with clients Soho Lashes Brianna Cece for a eyelash boutique.