Patiently Waiting.

I'm not sure how I didn't learn about Lilla Rogers sooner. But her body of illustration, creative work, and advise is phenomonal. Now an agent that represents 38 illustrators world wide I just wished I got on her boat sooner. Though it is never too late and her new course will open up the amazing world of creating portfolio pieces that will authentically target the market that I 'm trying to reach. It hasn't been the easiest, this last decade out of college. I've been pursing mostly in web designing & various graphic design industries. I moved from different countries. Got married had a child. So how I managed to get to this point has been a fullfilling road of failures and successes. I also worked in the animation licensing area for some years. But it was mainly for animation industry which is VERY DIFFERENT market. I find designing for children's books, merchandise, products, fabric, stationery, and many more a lot more flexible creatively. Now I'm patiently waiting for this course to bloom!