Why I am doing this?

Lately what has been on my mind is why I draw, and why I make art, or why am I so devoted. It is something I have been doing all my life. I can't tell you how much my art has saved me from the amount of troubles I got into. Or how it saved me from anxiety attacks, how it lifted my depression. How it helped my confidence. HOw it got me through some horrible relationships. How it got me a scholarship despite all odds against me. How it helped me with my ideas to land my first paying job in NYC and how it helped me connect with some amazing people on this planet. My flyer I first designed was a club flyer, I hand drew it. I got paid for it. I was like 15, and completely stoked. I kept going. I did my largest mural in the city of Hong Kong. Its been a long time since that project, and till this day when I think of it, it still gives me jolts of electricity through my veins. 
My art has mostly been around women and nature. Women I know in my life, past, present, or future. Nature and people are a reflection of me to them and back. I make art, I draw, I connect with it, so that I can be a better human being of character. These days a better mother. I have a love for biography art such as Frida Khalo, manga, the beatnik movement, my chinese history, japanese painting, the beginning of postmodern new york city, vintage signages, hand crafts, my childhood, lists of artists, designers and movements. I hope that their deaths are not wasted, that I can learn from them. I soak in the lines, layers, emotions, and moments like a human video camera when at museums or turn the pages in my library. Through authentic inspiration of what I love I like to make sure it expresses and interwine then explodes delicately onto the page. At moments raw, black and white. Clear and natural like chinese calligraphy paint drops or paint strokes. And at moments controlled, repetitive, organized and zen.
I'm not just doing this for a living, this is all I have. This is my soul speaking. This is my hell and heaven of joys. I did a lot of things so that I can keep what ever I create sacred. So I'm wondering why you should buy my art. Why you connect with it so you can buy it and hang it on your wall. I feel that I don't need to know the answers to all that. And that all I have to focus is on what I love to do, and how I can master what is in my mind on to that page everyday, and how I am able to get it to you nicely and affordable. That is all I care about, because where ever my art lives, there is love in that space. There is hope, there is possiblity, there is abundance, there is probally so much more then I can possibly see, because the art becomes your friend, and its not my business to know why it speaks to. So some days for you and some days for me. But every day I will rock this out, and give you all that I got.