End of the Year Gratitude Note

I've been wondering on how to create an end of the year post, there is so much I think I need to share and remind. Though sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I am so very happy of all the pop ups I did locally and out of state. Mural opportunity right here in the neighborhood that my child is growing up in. New people and old friendships ignited that I've connected with from charlottesville to new york city. In the end, a transaction no matter how small or big is an relationship. I'm super thank-ful of all the commissions that came in during the holidays. Your love for my art, the weird things I draw and paint. I will continue to persist and continue to dream keeping in mind the realistic sides too. That is always hard for any business owners, but it brings forth clarity and courage that will truly make all of these journeys so worth while. My daughter and husband especially has been an amazing team and support. I couldn't do anything without them. Sending this little note of thank you to all the social media tribes and communities out there! It is so important to KEEP SHINING!! SELF CARE truly is not selfish. I'm always trying to find balance in all the hats that I wear so I can be there fully for everyone as well as myself. Also trusting yourself.. One favorite quote to leave you with by Rumi to help plan the goals you seek. Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year!!  

“What you seek is seeking you.” 
― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi