Your Creative Voice

Your creative voice is a process no one can really give advice to. I mean there is starting part, where you maybe inspired by an artist. Or if you have a teacher or mentor from school to help guide you and give you resources. Though the creative voice is one that is silent it only speaks when you are working on your art. It reveals itself through the printed page, the computer screen, canvas, wood or art journal. It reveals in truth or lies. Though either or it is both valid. It is the process. It tells you that you suck. It tells you that you are making a master piece. It tells you that it's going to be okay, and I'm glad you drew me today. Your creative voice will not want you to work on art for days or weeks. It will also tell you stop forcing it to work and go out side. It will tell you to take a break. It will tell you not to rush. It will tell you omg this is amazing don't sleep!! It will tell you that you need to get up now and work on me because the house is quiet. OH IT WILL TELL YOU SO MANY THINGS.. But one thing for sure. Your creative voice is never dead. It is always there but sometimes it's just quiet sleeping like a baby.. xoxo