2013 Calendar is done and some updates and recaps!

It's been an amazing AMAZING, busy, fun, relaxing year to be ending soon.. I like to write more but I have to get back to some things and then finish off my day so I can be with my little family.. My daughter Ellie picked out her clothes today, and insist on putting them on herself. It's enough for me to have a slight break down, but yes its bitter sweet..This feeling of growth and change, and we are in the midst of begining of winter. Funny how a child can make it feel like spring all year around, and well some days loud as thunder. 

Lets start with the epic 2013 Calendar, I have to thank my intern Christina Cagle, she has really helped me moved foward in getting this done, and then advised that I should get into our local indie, handmade shop called Kitsch in Norfolk, Also my dear friend Chelsey Barnes, her Company Parallel Graphics, got this printed out for me super quick, and awesome price..without delay this is some shots of Instagram of the products: 

This is a well contained 12 month 2013 post card style calendar, limited edition set of unique black and white illustration of female characters. (These characters and illustrations have never been used in projects, its all been self promotional work, all from my private journals..) I have another 10 sets available to mail out on http://www.etsy.com/listing/116441215/2013-calendar-of-butterpop-studios

These imaginary characters are from self portraiture, people in my life, and sometimes into my daughter's world.. The original illustrations are very hard to part, and very hard to price, so I created a calendar that will present it self in a belly band, mini wooden clips, and hemp string. All the items will come in a box, that will be decorated by one of kind hand drawn illustration outside the box. Its ready to go for the holidays. And you can use them as postcards, or to adorn your surroundings with high contrast of love and energy..


And to recap back to begining of Fall my Ever so wonderful friend and Art Director I use to work for in NYC finally came out with her book, and she chose me to illustrate it! It's made it on AMAZON in the UK, and also we are trying to get it published in English, I know it will happen, because new moms will want this version then the big old dictionary they get at baby showers. Flavia's blog: http://mamaesabetudo.blogspot.com/ is absolutely adorable and addicting, so much cool stuff for kids, moms, teenagers, I LOVE IT!! Anyways check it out and leave a comment! I'm going to interview her hopefully by January 2013, so if you guys have questions about motherhood, shoot away here, and I'll try to get them on the blog Q&A..

With the same publisher Silvia that owns Dash Editoria I was also able to cross out my bucket list project for a children's book called Serafina, its about a little goat that won't stop jumping.. with Author Marianna


Besides Illustrations, I have been working on  AGENT 88 Coffee Book Project with Old Friend Digger, and Jan from 88Transmedia His kickstarter project helped realized his dream come true: This is the coffeebook I'm working on right now. Its been a bit tough as we are on different coasts, but the book is going to look so beautiful, and ready to be send out to all the supporters on this project. It's recently made it on to LA TIMEs, so happy about that!!


More to come on this project..

And then I complete a illustration/comic like intensive for a wine marketing company, called Connoisser Live. Animation collaboration work By Michael Jefferson | Gravy Graphics.

I will post the final animation soon, after it is render ready for the web. I'm also revamping a new site on squarespace6.. Here is a quick screen shot: You can find the Hat company off their Facebook Page:


Oh Also I uploaded some products to my society6 account:  They have throw pillows now, and it is so cool I ordered one myself!!

So I'm ending it with my butterpopstudio girl on a meditation cushion, and this blog post is finally caught up, and I'm back at Angela Philips Yoga studio lately for her Wednesday Bliss Yoga Class, its been absolutely wonderful to shift from hot yoga back to her classes, so that I can breathe again, tomorrow I'm also heading over to Brianna CeCee to get some color in my hair, she is amazing!