Re-Branding Reasoning..

So Why Re-Branding? 

When I first started Weiss Design, it was simply to get the design business rolling, I really did not have the luxury of time to get in touch with anything in order to sort out my studio name. I knew I wanted to work for myself, because my new location at the time was not offering the kind of art and design career that I was looking for. So with a family background full of entrepreneurs and creative crazies, it helped catapult me a bit and I found myself at the court house sorting out my business license for Weiss Design. 

After a few years living here came the birth of my child Ellie, she's now 2 years old. Full of wonder, playfulness, joy, and imagination. Being with her I realized what childhood meant to me again. Sadly, Weiss Design became a 7 day job, it was stressful and boring for me to share it with people. My old design business model was trying hard to bridge the gap on what was going on in todays design trends, that are important for local businesses to progress with. The results have been interesting, and simply I've learned from those experiences that you can't please everyone. And if they really care about how their brand is going to look to their audience they will work with me and pay me the value that I ask for. It was then that I realized that if I'm running my own design studio and I'm not having fun with it. Then what am I doing? Then I found Firestarter Workbook with Danielle Laporte, on her blog: White Hot Truth, and the adventure began. 

How did the name Butterpop came about? 

When I think of words for a design studio or creative business, I'm always thinking of actions, verbs, objects, taste, scents, plants, textures, landscape, music or small creatures of habit. Sometimes when I'm conversing with a close friend, I'm mindful of accidental word play. Lately, the word "butter" resonates with me, it evokes taste, richness, simplicity, and I like that you can spread it or melt it. "Pop" resonates, energy, child like, imagination, instant, inspiration, gold, glitter, pink, noise. I love the way the letters look in pop. The circle in pop draws the eye in, and all these things came into play and Butterpop came about. When that name started appearing, visuals for products, posters, website, ideas,  and inspiration start to fly left and right. Mostly when I say the name of my studio to people, it gives me energy, and I get a visual of my daughter with her big pink, Elton John glasses. So I thought this is it!