Happy Holidays!


This end of the year has been an unusual downer for my xmas spirit. Its been a whirlwind of emotions,  getting raw and real on whats going on inside my soul. I'm grateful, thankful, yet slightly unenchanted by America's pessimism on our economy. I think the real effort starts with the change within ourselves, through our work, our art, and our community. Lately the more I draw, write, paint, and create, the more life is starting to feel simplified & focused. Though, with all this burst of creative energy, I have been plagued by recent news of my close cousin that is diagnoised with cancer. I'm not sure how I have been able to respond to it, though I've had friends that reached out to give me some really great and sound advise on how to proceed. So thank you, Simon Birch. Your story of conquering cancer has given me strength, to move foward with resources that has been compiled and sent overseas. This week is xmas, it's hanukkah, its brunch at the weiss's. Its baking cookie madness, and yes indeed, it's simply love. May everyone be happy, and please LAUGH, LIVE your life to ridiculous heights of happiness till 2012 & beyond. It's the best medicine, I'm trying here, and hope you are too.