Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!

I’m currently in the studio, finally getting some updates in. Im not sure I’m in a space to write too much though It has been an insane ride again. I’m very grateful of all the opportunities. One thing about current studio site is that the Wall/Mural project section has been updated. Lots of amazing projects has taken place here locally in Virginia Beach. Including a Pop up Mural done for Now the owl sits in front of the MOCA as symbol and new identity for our community. A lot of proposals went out as well, some didn’t go through, still pending, some were great and I cant show them because they are dealing with corporations. Some were put on hold. Some I can’t tell what it is or who it is for. But I try my best to keep all informed here with exciting ideas. The studio has mural insurance, contracts, quotes for any kind of jobs so just send me a email and lets chat! For now please check out mural site link HERE. for further viewing and reading. After hurricane dorian leaves I will be starting new mural in NEON Though currently I want to share new art and travel sketchbook stuff. Be safe out there VB!