Photoshop Tutorial for Digital Bliss.

So I'm not sure what happened. I remember someone from our Lilla Rogers Course, Make Art That sells was working on a intense project one week. Had cravings for nutella. She said " Look a spoon in my hand, with a jar of nutella, how did that happen?" It was hilarious. So this tutorial I created this week felt like that. It just happened. It is Free. A experiment and to see if I can package a e-course thingy for everyone down the road to help them achieve digital bliss. Because it is possible. If you are interested please email me and I will send you link and password. It's hard for me to keep up with Facebook posts there is a lot going on there. So emails are good for me to contact you back and keep you in the loop with any further developments. 

A very simple 16 minute introductory photoshop class. It will cover:

1. Scanning Art In

2. Adjusting art for painting

3. Playing with Brushes

5. Few useful tips

6. Approaching it from Painters perspective.

5.Treating photoshop as a tool