I would love for you to continue to travel and travel more, no matter what..

The world is sometimes small, we live day to day, month to month, in our routine lives, doing what we must, to stay alive, get ahead, or maintain. What ever kind of warrior you are, I like to remind you that its okay to get that you sometimes get sucked into a small world. But always have a passport handy. Always look at plane ticket prices to anywhere in the world during break time. Because it is so worth it, I promise you. You are very fortunate to have family all over the world, it helps your travel expenses an (ENTIRE-bit-fully) easier. Though the rather unfortunate part is, you miss your family way too much. And it stirs up an insatiable emotional travel itch, seasonal actually, scratching away your insides and causing an adrenaline motivated restlessness that finds you on that plane. This time, with your toddler, whom never been on a plane before. Yes how dare you bring Ellie on a 15 hour plane ride. But you had to go. It was way too long since you've been back. Your hunger for family, love, inspiration, food, culture, scooters, millions of chinese characters, brightly litted sinages, small crammed streets filled with objects and food. People, your people, your childhood. To have memories, and smell senses of old airports you frequented often as a child is a gift and curse. Even at your busiest days living in a small world of routine back in the states. These memories were never lost, they came up like suttle flashing film negatives, and harder and more clear they came once the tickets were booked. So why were you ever so worried about not being able to get home. Why were you ever so worried that your world was even so small? The worries had stopped. Your world is actually quite big really. It is so big like an unending resource of experiences, memories, senses, inspiration, passion, power, inside of you. The librarian was just busy on some days, waiting for your heart to come in and check some books out. This time, one of the books came with two tickets. One for you, and one for Ellie. There you go.