digging deep, waiting, working, and planning..

Its been an awesome almost 3 months now into 2012, and things have been falling into place quite gracefully, with work and personal life..I have been working on a childrens illustration project, that will soon to be revealed. Amongst some other FUN projects that are in process of coming into butterpop's studio space. I like to keep things private and intimate with current and ongoing projects till they are complete and ready to shine like a peacock! Besides working on Digital Illustration Art work on my mac, I've created a side table, where I also have been playing with collaging. Its been helping me with motherhood, and creatively allowing me to see things differently when I go back to the screen..Its getting a little messy, but its a beautiful organized mess in revealing who I am, and exercising parts of my creative self, that seems very controlled at times. I'm also in process of travel plans back to Hong-Kong, and Taipei. Things will be in full motion with that next week, with some definite finalization on dates. Its been awhile since I've been back home, so I like to record the adventure process somehow either through a small on the go travel journal..It could be challenging or a suprise on how my daughter will be during this trip. Though I have faith it will unreveal itself through trust..