WD service page is up, check it!

HI there, I'm just copying and pasting here for all my subscribers, but my serivce page is definitely up and hopefully you can now get a glimpse on how we manage things these days. There will be Illustration, and Design Services Coming up too. So Stay tuned! Clarity here we go!

Weiss Design Services & Design Process

1.Our First Meeting: We usually will either have a in-person meeting via phone call, skype or depending on where you are located, I prefer to have a official meeting in person if you are close to vicinity to my studio. Again I've worked with clients overseas via skype successfully so whatever works, lets just make it happen.

2.Foundations of A Website: We probaly have already looked at your current website that needs help and gave an introduction assessment of what can be done. If you do not have a website, we will ask questions about what you are trying to do, sell or create. From there we will help guide you further, through research and consulting with a handpicked group of industry experts and subcontractors in programming and social media that weiss design solely deals with, this is how we craft your site mindfully from beginning to end. Together we can further customize a quote that fits pretty close to what you need. We will also present some pre-liminery design layouts and ideas to start igniting this process.

3.Quotes & Contracts: This is pretty important for us and you the client. It will help keep us on track with timeline and expectations. We require a 50% deposit when you agree to working with us.

4. Style, Competition, Emotional Impact, and Social Media: WD has a versatile digital and raw style that can help with creating an unique, meaningful, and authentic feel of your site. Inconsideration to functionality, information architecture, audience, and organizing content. This artful combination helps with competing with your competitors, along with clean programming, on platforms such as squarespace, or wordpress. When the site is near complete, we then finalize a social media package for you that will help set the site off, finalize and go.

5. Content Writing: Again, We usually deal with clients that have content ready for us to integrate, though there are content writers that we work with specifically that has a background in online writing that can help you further. The writing is extremely important on your site. It helps with search engines, traffic, and the audience your are trying to reach. We will ask you this usually during our intial meeting.

6. Pricing: If you are looking for a starter site, (which is like a brochure business page kind of website) with about 3 to 5 pages, It is set at 1000.00 which will include any help you need with your domain name set up, url, email trouble shooting so forth. So ask away this is a great deal! For all medium sized sites, 5-7 pages there will be a packaged price set at 2500.00 to 3000.00 and will not include the social media package. Larger sites that will or may request customized design and illustration, content writing, blog set up, datatbase development, eccommerce , and social media package will have a starting price of 5000.00. We accept credit card payment and check. Prices set here is to give you an idea of what you can expect. Every single business entails very different needs, we prefer to get clarity on that when we meet to better the quoting process.

7.Conclusion: Passion is driven in the veins of all that Weiss Design deals with. Less intensely we absolutely love what we do, and enjoy the harmony between client and work process. We are a small operation, though BIG on communication. Getting your site out there beautifully and working great is a simple, yet powerful message for us and you.