Clarity, Focus, Simplicity, Value, and Creativity, Yes this is it!

I feel like I have been on a super long journey to get to where I am with my art, illustration, and design studio. For the most of us, I think the journey of trial and error is inevitable, it just makes it clearer, and it is so very important to somehow document either through journaling or case studies of past projects, to understand where we are presently, and how we can offer services to our clients and people that love our work in the most gratifying way ever. Basically, you, the person that desire my art work, or you, the person that desires a logo for their company that will sing, or maybe your the one that need an artistic flair to your web development, with ease of functionality and managment. You desire these things from our studio because it is true, authentic, and not your cookiecutter style way of living your life or your business representation. So there it is, the more I organize my work, share it, and get involved with my creative community, the more this is clear, I have a lot of work in my portfolio, though currently the only thing I am focused on is creating logos, illustration, and web design and development on squarespace. And if you need an awesome, sexy illustration and/or logo for your wine label, Lets talk. I will also continue to take on catalogs and book projects and can include an interactive pdf version and guide you for online upload and access to gain traffic and momentum. So there it is. It feels good, nice and clear dont you think?