Being normal is boring. 99% talks about eccentric creatives..

So I read this article from 99 percent today, and it talks about: Why creative people needs to be eccentric?

My Favorite was this one, novelist:

 Orhan Pamuk:
"In the mornings I used to say goodbye to my wife like someone going to work. I'd leave the house, walk around a few blocks, and come back like a person arriving at the office"

So I answered this after the article read:

How eccentric are your creative work habits? Do you have any little rituals or props that look strange to others, but feel essential to your creative process?

I have to have be in an amazing space or outside when I'm cranking out work. What I mean by an amazing space, is that my little studio of goodness for example is pretty decked out with books, paintings, art, and I've had a friend that does interior design with feng shui give me some tips on how to arrange my studio and office space up for prosperity and more stimulation and creativity. Lately I have been trying to imagine how it would feel like if my studio felt like fantasy forrest land, so when I walk in the morning I can get in the feel of that vibration with my work. But I do not mean decorating it so its a mess or it looks like a nursery. I'm also obsessed about organization. functionality and getting to everything quickly. No matter what applications out there I've tried to organize my todo lists, I still find working in my sketchbook and listing out my todos/projects at hand in writing, more powerful. It helps tremendously for me to start the week. I'm also really into Bikram Yoga, it helps keep my energy level going from morning to wee hours of the night without need of much stimulants except some tea and water. Most people think I'm crazy to do yoga in 100 degree room but I feel fantastic, and its great for creating amazing work I think!

And what are yours?