Design as a Vehicle

I just recieved a wonderful newsletter delivered to my actual mailbox from AIGA, and I really enjoyed the big bold b+w simplicity of its presence sitting at my desk so I thought I share some insights here as to my response to some of the questions addressed. 

The one question that came up in the newsletter was "What do you think the public thinks of when they hear "design?" "What should they think of?"

I think it is interesting to ask what the public should think of design, it poses the intention of what is the purpose of design, and meaning behind the purpose. As a design business owner, I'm interested in using design as a vehicle, what that means for me is when I start a project with a client my design process involves exploring specific content related to the brand, in the process inspiration comes on board, resulting the work to evolve. For the public it could mean many different things, from objects to furniture I think, therefore it is important that design education addresses the clarity and empowering aspects of design so that it is not just to decorate, and I like to think of good design as both beautiful and functional. To address what is functional has always been a challenge in design history, certainly all of our individual takes on beauty and function varies in so many interesting ways..

Today I'm meeting with a lady Peggy Cross, A Feng-Sui Expert that has worked with many local businesses on the interior design of offices. Feng-Sui in chinese culture has been a prominent force in asian architecture for thousands of years, I'm interested in talking to her today about how Feng-Sui and Graphic Design can work together as well! Should be a great coffee meeting, Follow up soon!